OPEN KNOWLEDGE [OK] is the way for freedom, development, sustainability and lessening inequities.

Knowledge is open if "one is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it without legal, social or technological restriction" - Ref

Open Knowledge Technology - copy as it is or change the design or achieve same result doing differently.

FACEBOOK - OPEN KNOWLEDGE is the group to share technology, knowledge and ideas. This group is against patents copyrights on the aspects relevant to the majority of people, environment and ecology. Creating a better space for the present and future generations. Open Knowledge gives freedom for everyone to share / adapt / adopt.

A monkey holding the banana cannot take its palm out of the hole in the cage. It looses its freedom and trapped between freedom and desire. Banana is the individual interest and desire, Open Knowledge means a banana for everyone and freedom from all considerations.

Open Knowledge List
The knowledge relevant to the following fields of life and ecosystems should be declared as OK.

The research and development aspects relevant to this list should be supported by Governments / International organisations, and there should be restrictions on Patents / IPRs / Copyrights.